GameDev News for 15 May 2021



Hello, everyone! As promised last time, my new creation Tipsy Turtle is now online on the companion website (and also on

Screenshot of an application window showing a pattern of colored lines on a black background. At the bottom is a text box with a line of code presumably used to generate the image.

With this (as announced in the site-wide newsfeed), I could now finally put together the long-needed game graphics section. Here's to more useful resources for making games.

With only vague plans for the upcoming months, let me give you the other news instead. Sadly just two pieces today:

  • From Hardcore Gaming 101 The Legacy of the Star Control II Universe, occasioned by the upcoming re-release of the first Mass Effect.
  • And from Aaron A. Reed's 50 Years of Text Games, the 1989 title Monster Island, or how people used to play MMORPGs when few had computers or internet.

Not much then, but good stuff. Enjoy, and see you next time.


Tags: graphics, tools, mmo, rpg, history