ASCII Mapper, a map editor for tile-based games using ASCII characters
Screenshot of an application window showing a pattern of colored lines on a black background. At the bottom is a text box with a line of code presumably used to generate the image.
Tipsy Turtle, a turtle graphics program for making banners and logos.
(Screenshot depicting the 3D model of a futuristic aircraft rendered as wireframe.)
Stereo Imagination, a Python programming toolkit for generating and manipulating 3D geometry


What we lose with progress (7 March 2022) (See also Weekly Links #54: the big GUI rant.)


In some ways, we surpassed “reality” as the most efficient user interface in the 1990s. Physical embodiment in a VR world is not necessary to write a paper, order a pizza, play music, or share a photo of a cat. There are probably tens of thousands of tasks that can be done more efficiently with a 2D computer interface than with 3D simulated world. There are exceptions of course, but those exceptions still form a niche. — Remembering VRML: The Metaverse of 1995 (December 2021)


Color palettes

Programming Portals Small, scoped areas within a graphical interface that allow users to read and write simple programmes

Tools and round-ups

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2D art tutorials