Abstract art suggesting an open book with translucent pages that are flying away in the night sky as dawn approaches.
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Ramus is a template for hypertext fiction or games self-contained in a single web page. Emphasis on template: to make your own, simply replace the content of an existing document. All you need to know is plain old HTML.

What's included

Speaking of which: when putting your own content into the Ramus template, the resulting work belongs to you; credit would be appreciated, but is not required. Do let other people know they can do the same in turn, if you please.

The sample games have their own license different from that of Ramus.


The scripting language further allows:

Made with Ramus

Various interactive courses and interactive poetry by Roger Kenyon, who also provided ample encouragement and suggestions.


Ramus was originally developed between 2011 and 2012, and saw use until the following year. After a 7-year hiatus, I revived it in 2020 with new insights... then promptly set it aside for another year. Won't happen again, hopefully.

The current version is 2.5 (as of ). Older versions also remain available. For more details, see the project news history.