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(Screenshot showing four wide corridors made of glowing columns that intersect at a fountain of light.)
Eightway, a 2.5D sprite scaling graphics engine
(Stylized 3D artwork depicting futuristic vehicles under fire among blockhouses, rendered with huge pixels.)
InRelief, a graphics engine for volumetric pixel art


Tee-Wee Editor, a lightweight authoring tool for CYOA games using Twine 2 story formats and data
Abstract art suggesting an open book with translucent pages that are flying away in the night sky as dawn approaches.
Ramus hypertext system, a template for hypertext fiction or games self-contained in a single web page

Legacy experiments


(See also the Game Programming Interfaces book and my programming language reviews.) See also: the review of Adventure Creation Kit in Weekly Links #59 (4 March 2015).


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