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Ramus was a proof-of-concept system for authoring (and reading) hypertext fiction, developed between 2011 and 2012. Despite its experimental nature, several works were created with it, most of them CYOA games:

By Roger Kenyon

Unicorn Story

A lyrical piece by Conrad Cook, that I'm hosting at the author's request. Not only it looks gorgeous, it also uses the medium in a fairly intriguing way.


Juhana Leinonen's Starborn is now available in Ramus format! This was an experiment to see how well the system works in practice. It's not nearly as spectacular as the official Undum/Vorple edition, but it's much easier to copy around.

The Blue Death

It was made by Eric Forgeot for the Indigo New Language Speed-IF, using Textallion as source, and exported to Ramus.

(Ramus was also included as an output format for Textallion.)

For details, see the read-me file, introduction and development blog.