Weekly Links #294



So, PROCJAM started on Friday and I'm not in after all. The game I had in mind didn't work out for a number of reasons, and I have no plan B. Maybe next year. Just like last year. And every year it gets harder to care at all.

Otherwise, been working on something, but it's not going to be public any time soon. Most people couldn't play it anyway:

Screenshot of a text-based strategy game running in a terminal emulator, showing an abstract star chart and colorful user interface.

Yep... it's a port of Space Cruiser Orion to the Linux console. Kinda hoping to use it as a springboard for a future ZX Spectrum edition. People still seek those out, you know? More so than games for other platforms, actually. It's kind of amazing. And hey, been learning new things. That's always fun. Gonna share details soon, in fact. Just not today.

Speaking of which: this may seem like an odd choice after my recent rant against Linux users. But this isn't for them. This is for myself and a few friends. Making stuff for a nebulous "public" looks more and more like a mistake anyway.

Otherwise, the Interactive Fiction Competition is on for another two weeks, and it occurs to me that November is also the month of NaNoWriMo, and for that matter the NaNoGenMo.

Funny how things tend to come full circle. Have a nice Sunday.


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