GameDev News for 15 November 2021



Hello, everyone! I was reading through a software manual and almost forgot what day it was. Not that we have anything special today, just a smattering of assorted news:

  • Friday, the Digital Antiquarian writes about the time when a bunch of jackasses with no taste tried to sully the burgeoning field of videogames with disgusting filth they dared called "transgressive", and thankfully fell flat on their faces, in The Dark Eye (no connection to the famed German RPG). Look. At least Doom was fun. Rude, noisy fun that could get problematic, but still. Crucially, you were supposed to shoot demons, not philosophize about them: a message as powerful as it's simple.
  • Then we have another great post about the NFT sham, this time relevant to games.

To balance out the bad stuff, we have a couple of useful resources:

Last but not least, there's a new book out there about Unix shells called Userland, and of course it starts by comparing them to a text adventure. For once, the original Adventure, as opposed to its more famous direct successor. It's short, but good.

That's all for today, so I'll just cut this short. Enjoy, and see you next time.


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