GameDev News for 15 June 2021



Hello, everyone! After a short detour, work resumed apace on The Unwanted Hero. It doesn't look much different however, so here's a screenshot from the end of last month that I've been sitting on:

Screenshot from a text-based RPG with a book-like user interface, showing a level-up screen with a choice of attributes to upgrade.

On the flipside, the game is proving more work than expected, so part 1 might not be ready in time for the next newsletter. Should still be done in the first days of July, so thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, let's see other news, again under the cut.

Via the forums I just learned that the Risus RPG was put up for sale at the end of May (and snatched up ten days later). It's the end of an era for sure, no matter how well it will be handled by the new owner. Luckily it doesn't impact me: while I admire Risus as a work of art, I make videogames, for which it's completely unsuitable. Besides, the license is much too restrictive. And nowadays tiny RPGs (even business card-sized!) are commonplace. In fact I have a new favorite, and you'll hear about it soon. But until then, hats off to a pioneer.

On a different note, K.D. alerts me about this anniversary retrospective of the TI-99/4A: a home computer that sold pretty good after all for a cult classic; I didn't know that! Also an object lesson in how locking out 3rd-party developers leaves your machine without enough software to attract the buyers you need. Because you need them, while they can always go buy from the competition. One would think manufacturers learned as much after four decades, but no.

Last but not least, also on the forums we find this "Mini-Let's Read" (that's not so mini) titled City of Brass 2020, or how not to do Fantasy Arabia. Says it all, really. Content Warning: Sexual assault, racism, Islamophobia. That's in the material discussed, mind you, not the text itself. But damn... seriously?!

With apologies for ending on a sad note, enjoy, and see you next time.


Tags: meta, tabletop, rpg, business, representation