GameDev News for 15 April 2021



Hello, everyone! After messing with old computers for most of the month so far, including a couple trips to the repair shop (one unscheduled), this week I'm finally coding again. Remember my old Stereo Imagination suite? Well, it's getting a native port, or maybe an offshoot, depending on how you look at it. Either way, it's working out great so far, and I can't wait to show you. Might take a while however.

Meanwhile, let's see what headlines are worth mentioning halfway through April:

  • You know what's scary? It's been almost three decades since videogames first got an audience rating system, and countless scientific studies later we still have to spend too much time defending the reality that videogames don't cause violence. Makes me wonder if this idea will ever die.
  • On a different note: How different can you make a Lights Out-style game? Hardcore Gaming 101 gives the answer with this retrospective of an obscure homebrew title for a doomed console. And maybe there are some lessons to learn for other game designers.
  • Even better: Never realized before that Star Fox came out in the same year as Doom. Talk about 3D shooters throwing a one-two punch, on consoles and PCs at the same time; an older material from the game's big anniversary three years ago.

Last but not least, several sources point me at this new open source, experimental, and tiny tools roundup, as its creator calls it; really more of a directory, with tags and filtering. Submissions are open, and handled promptly. Nice selection already, too, that really brings into perspective just how much we have to work with nowadays.

But that's it for today. Enjoy, and see you next time!


Tags: meta, business, game design, shooter, history, tools