GameDev News for 25 January 2021



Hello, everyone! With game development still on pause here, and no big changes coming to the website, all I can give you this time is news from the world of games at large. Good thing there are enough of them. Let's see.

For one thing, we have a couple of acquisitions, one worrying, the other potentially happy:

I had no idea YoYo Games was in trouble, or for that matter owned by a gambling game developer. And while Opera Software isn't the same company everyone used to love years ago, they're probably still more trusty.

In unrelated news, we have a pair of RPG writing critiques, though they apply just fine to the fantasy genre as a whole:

In my defense, my own fantasy fiction tends to be set in a quasi-Renaissance world instead, with a good dose of Schizo Tech when it doesn't have outright sci-fi elements. Try it sometime.

Last but not least, Hardcore Gaming 101 tells us about The Weird World of Roblox, and concerned fans of tabletop RPGs are asking: what about DriveThruRPG Post-Brexit? All very interesting, and I just started reading the former, so enjoy and see you next time!


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