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Welcome to Buzz Grid, an abstract arcade game of skill and planning, with randomized elements, that can be played in short bursts. All you need is a reasonably modern web browser, and a keyboard or touchscreen.

How to play

The game is played almost entirely with directional keys. Move around the grid, collect the friendly green balls, avoid the angry red spikes, and dodge the orange lightning bolts. Beware that your ship always follows the grid lines, and can only change direction where they cross. You can however face other directions at any time; use that to plan your movements in advance.

Once you collect a minimum number of balls, you can press the skip-level button and move on early, at the cost of some points. Speaking of which, you make more points at higher speeds. You can pick your speed at the start, and if you finish all five levels, the game starts over on the next higher speed (up to 5).


With a keyboard:

With a touchscreen:

Development log

Other editions

Desktop edition (300K)
Requires a Python runtime (only tested in 2.7), with the Pygame library installed. Open source under the MIT License.
Java ME edition (19K)
Requires a late-era feature phone such as the Nokia E51 or the Nokia E5, preferably with a portrait screen. It runs in MicroEmulator on the desktop, but crashes in J2ME Loader on Android as of June 2019. This edition has no sound.
Screenshot from a 2D game with colorful abstract art, played on a blue neon grid.