Hello, and welcome to the No Time To Play wiki. Since 2019, this site is entirely the work of one person. It was originally a group project though, and friends are still welcome to contribute. To leave a comment or anything, ask Felix for the editor password.

If you already have the editor password, you might want some guidance on how to contribute. Feel free to outline your ideas on this page until we put in place a better system. A list of tips is forthcoming.

Support this site

If you like this website and would like to help keep it online, the costs are:

By pure coincidence, that adds up to 99$ a year. Any amount sent to my PayPal would be much appreciated. Alternatively, you can buy a book.

Funding level for 2021: 60%.

As of this writing, the No Time To Play domain is secure until summer 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the website? I loved the old one!
I loved it too, but frankly it was beginning to stagnate. A big change was needed anyway. Then it was cracked... twice... so I had no choice anymore.
So what is this site running now?
It's called OddMuse, a wiki engine.
Wait, why a wiki? And why OddMuse?
Because OddMuse has minimal system requirements (just Perl and CGI), which was important, and has features like a proper comment system that made for an easy transition. It just happens to be a wiki engine.
Then why not go all the way and make it open?
Do you volunteer to spend hours every day fighting spam? An open wiki in 2017 needs watched 24x7. Even Wikipedia is a lot less open than it used to be, and they certainly don't lack for editors!
But can I have the editor password?
If we know you, yes, probably. See above.