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Weekly Links #194

More good news, everyone. As announced a few days ago, the newsletter archive has a new home and format after just a week. (Minus this year's posts — those will come during the winter holiday break.) As expected, that uncovered some forgotten articles, duly added to the wiki. With this, the website migration is essentially complete, leaving only loose ends to tie up as they're discovered. And a new homepage, of course, but that can also wait.

In other news, game developers might be interested in this prototype of a Dungeon Master clone that someone created in 72 hours for a Ludum Dare two years ago. Or this system for making text adventures in Ren'Py. But more fascinating than either is this review of a game that makes drawing arabesques into a puzzle. And you know... I wrote two turtle graphics implementations, but never thought of that. Thumbs up!

On a different note, via Vintage is the New Old we learn of a new history of MS DOS that's shorter than most and as such more accessible.

Not much else to say this Sunday morning. Enjoy the weekend!