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What should I be sensitive to when western or Deadlands gaming?

This weekend the community discusses another thorny issue. Having just completed a novella that features Native American main characters in a sci-fi setting with themes of colonization, I'm glad to have friends who can advise about issues like this. Failing that, two things help: knowing history, and remembering that people are people: a very diverse bunch, even within the same social or ethnic groups. In other words, no stereotyping. It's a good start.

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50 Years of Text Games - 1980: MUD

We were all distracted last year, so we kinda forgot to celebrate 40 years since the world's first MMORPG, known as MUD. The concept has long since developed from essentially a multiplayer text adventure, through EverQuest and World of Warcraft, to whatever the cool kids are playing today. Yet MUDs still endure in their original form as well. I discovered the scene in 2009-2010 (and wrote about it), and I'm still active, at least in a subculture thereof. So this look back means a lot to me.

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50 Years of Text Games - 1975: dnd

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The Top 10 Infamous (Tabletop) RPGs

Some lessons to learn there.

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Enough Medieval Fantasy RPGs Already

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Jade Empire (at HG101)

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an architecture critique with nothing to say

A high-brow academic analysis of an increasingly contemporary issue.

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Audio Accessibility Features for Roguelikes

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Rings of Power - Naughty Dog's Last Pure Game

Retrospective of a most unusual RPG from exactly thirty years ago as of this writing, that failed, sadly enough, not due to its own failings but (where have we heard this before?) for being sabotaged by the publisher. Why people still seek one out in 2021 is beyond me. Also food for thought as to ways to make our games different, if only to shake people out of their routine. They'll remember it afterwards, and that's what matters.

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Final Fantasy 7 – how Square made one of the most important and influential RPGs of all time

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Pennywise, Pound Senseless

Using horror movie characters as a case study in (tabletop) game design.

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How the World of Warcraft community rallied to save this modder in need

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