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Gunpei Yokoi – Inventing the Game and Watch

Tags: cool, retrogaming, hardware, history

Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks

Tags: preservation, retrogaming

Introducing the Chloe 280SE, a new Z80 microcomputer

Tags: hardware, retrogaming

A hobbyist developer's love letter to Warcraft 1

First in a series of articles about remaking the classic game's engine for modern computers.

Tags: game design, philosophy, retrogaming

An Oral History of 'Snake' on Nokia

Taneli Armanto is an unsung hero of mobile gaming. Meet the Finnish software engineer who developed ‘Snake’ for the late-’90s Nokia 6110 — launching a 00 billion industry

Tags: classic, history, mobile, retrogaming

Retro Games with Shameless Product Placement

Tags: business, retrogaming