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Why Videogame Preservation Needs to Change

Once again game stores are shutting down, and once again people are discussing how we could (and should) preserve all those games. And yes, it's tricky not just due to copyrights, or new consoles coming up all the time. I hadn't even thought about issues like TV plugs! But you know... having just made yet another game port, with more on the way, I can't help but think that if even one of the platforms I make my games for survives, so will the games, even if they weren't open source, and they are. That alone is reason to port them widely. Even if we're no longer in the Tower of Babel that was the 80s computing. Oh wait. The simple, self-contained machines from back then are precisely those most easily emulated nowadays, whose games will run forever.

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The Secrets Of Monkey Island’s Source Code

Tags: classic, adventure, preservation

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive

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The Problems with PLATO

Why digital archaeology is hard.

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A New Way To Think About Your Favorite Game’s Code

Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin, co-directors of the Video Game History Foundation, explain their new project

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Introducing The Video Game Source Project

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ZZT Stories: The Reconstruction

Only 22 years late!

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Flash Games Are Leaving Soon, but Their Memory Will Never Fade

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Kongregate shuts off game submissions as Flash's final days approach

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Changing focus

Just in case somebody's actually watching this space: as of this writing, older links will move to the archive section, and this one will become more of a staging ground for the main blog. Hopefully that will make both more interesting and useful for everyone.

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Reconstructing a lost NES game from 30-year-old source code disks

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1983 Microsoft GW-BASIC source code now available on Github!

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How YouTube let's plays are preserving video game history

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Machinima is a good reminder of just how disposable the internet is

"None of our digital goods or digital communities will last forever."

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