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La liste ULTIME des outils pour concevoir vos fictions interactives et jeux vidéo textuels

"The definitive list for devising your interactive fiction and text-based videogames"; it's in French, but most tools are in English.

Tags: interactive fiction, tools, overview

Start making tools!

(on making experimental art tools and why it’s valuable for indie game devs to make them)

Tags: tools, overview, philosophy

A brief history of cyberpunk games

Tags: history, overview

Accessibility Design #1

Tags: concepts, case study, overview

Creating homebrew games for the Nintendo Gameboy has just become much easier!

Tags: technology, overview

Not all games need open worlds - here's why

Tags: worldbuilding, concepts, overview

Text-Based VR: Explore the Pioneering World of MUSHes

Tags: overview, technology

What Exactly Is a “Gacha” Video Game?

Tags: concepts, overview

How are microchips made, anyway?

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