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Les narramiettes (storylets) dans Twine 2

French language introduction to storylets, and how to use them in the latest version of Twine.

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50 Years of Text Games - 1987: Plundered Hearts

(The sheer insecurity of male gamers in the 1980s. Afraid to play a female protagonist. Afraid to play an easy game. Of games marketed to a broader audience.)

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Interactive Tears: Emotions In Videogame Design And Storytelling

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50 Years of Text Games - 1986: Uncle Roger

Yet another unsung pioneer of interactive fiction, her strange, different work, and paths not taken in the end.

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La liste ULTIME des outils pour concevoir vos fictions interactives et jeux vidéo textuels

"The definitive list for devising your interactive fiction and text-based videogames"; it's in French, but most tools are in English.

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50 Years of Text Games - 1981: His Majesty's Ship "Impetuous"

Today I learned about a classic interactive fiction piece like no other. One of those that make one think about paths not taken, and what we're missing because of our choices. An ironic thing to say in context, come to think of it. How much more did we fail to try in the intervening four decades? I'm tempted to crack open Twine and find out, taking advantage of infinitely more powerful text processing in modern programming languages like Javascript.

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La FI pour les petits

If you speak French, take a look at this article about interactive fiction for the little ones. But not text adventures! More like a device for playing interactive audiobooks that can be created with open source software. Or tabletop role-playing games for kids. Or even a new kind of gamebook for younger audiences. Yes, the genre is alive and well. And strange new avenues are being explored.

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ink version 1.0 release!

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How to use choices when writing visual novels

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50 Years of Text Games - 1976: Adventure

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IFTF Is Adopting, Relocating, and Improving IFDB

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Donjon FI: Le jeu à énigmes en mode texte

Donjon vous permet d’écrire des fictions interactives et d’y jouer. Tout est en français. L'application ne requiert ni installation ni inscription.

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Texture ou le mot mis en geste

"Texture, or the word made into gesture": article in French about the eponymous authoring system and how it shapes works created with it.

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