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How I made Hack Grid

Tags: game design, making-of

In Praise of Messy Design

Tags: game design, concepts

How to use choices when writing visual novels

Tags: interactive fiction, game design

Game Design Fundamentals: Granting sight beyond sight

Tags: graphics, game design

Audio Accessibility Features for Roguelikes

Tags: rpg, game design, concepts

Building Cogmind's Ambient Soundscape

Tags: game design, technology, concepts

What does a Level Designer in games do?

Interview with Jonathon Wilson, Hangar 13 Games

Tags: game design, concepts, interview

Prototype Feedback

Tags: game design, concepts

Software Engineering for AI

Tags: AI, game design, technology

Villes virtuelles, enjeux du réel

"Virtual cities, real stakes": from cities in games, to games that can help cities, and how actual urbanists can help.

Tags: game design, interview, philosophy, procedural generation, worldbuilding

A hobbyist developer's love letter to Warcraft 1

First in a series of articles about remaking the classic game's engine for modern computers.

Tags: game design, philosophy, retrogaming

'Doom' Creator John Romero Explains What's Wrong With Today's Shooter Games

Tags: shooter, game design

Pennywise, Pound Senseless

Using horror movie characters as a case study in (tabletop) game design.

Tags: case study, game design, rpg, tabletop

CityCraft: how to plan horror cities

Tags: worldbuilding, game design

Cultural Concepts as Principles of Design

Tags: game design, concepts