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Three weeks of Bonesweeper development

One developer's account of battling depression and burnout while continuing to make games. Short version: something's got to give. But also, tap into your other interests, and make something that feels fun to make. No, seriously. These days, pressure is literally killing us. From work. From money issues. From the ongoing world crisis. And we need to reclaim our lives.

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[How-to] Adding a "Reduced Effect Intensity" option to an existing RPG Maker MV game

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How Arthurian tragedy drives the design of Pendragon

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Accessibility Design #1

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Why PyGame is Slow

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My 10 Year Game Development Journey

Things are different in the Philippines (via

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Pennywise, Pound Senseless

Using horror movie characters as a case study in (tabletop) game design.

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How capitalism killed one of the best video game studios

Spoiler: it's about Valve

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Great moments in PC gaming: Fighting mecha Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D

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