Items for February 2021

The Incredible Machine (at HG101)

Tags: classic, retrospective

ink version 1.0 release!

Tags: interactive fiction, tools

How I made Hack Grid

Tags: game design, making-of

Before Fortnite, There Was ZZT: Meet Epic’s First Game

As a child, being able to tell your friends ‘I make video games’ is incredibly powerful.

Tags: classic, history

In Praise of Messy Design

Tags: game design, concepts

How to use choices when writing visual novels

Tags: interactive fiction, game design

Virtual Boy Architecture: A Practical Analysis

Tags: hardware, history

50 Years of Text Games - 1976: Adventure

Tags: interactive fiction, history

IFTF Is Adopting, Relocating, and Improving IFDB

Tags: interactive fiction, community

Quake III: Arena (at HG101)

Tags: shooter, retrospective

Quake II (at HG101)

An oddly critical look back on a game I have fond memories of.

Tags: shooter, retrospective

50 Years of Text Games - 1975: dnd

Tags: mmo, rpg, history

The Top 10 Infamous (Tabletop) RPGs

Some lessons to learn there.

Tags: tabletop, rpg, history

The Hidden, Destructive Legacy of 'Duke Nukem'

Tags: classic, shooter, critique