Items for August 2020

Not all games need open worlds - here's why

Tags: worldbuilding, concepts, overview

Serious Sam: The First Encounter (at HG101)

Tags: classic, shooter, retrospective

Mature Audiences Can Handle Video Games That Go Beyond Black-and-White Morality

Excellent advice for any writer, not just game designers.

Tags: writing, philosophy

ImMortal Mystique: Mortal Kombat's John Tobias on the Creation and Evolution of a Franchise

Tags: long, classic, history, interview


Tags: concepts, case study

GoldenEye 007 Fan Remake Shut Down by James Bond License Holders

And all the IP holders have gained is a lot of ill-will. They could have had free advertising instead. Good job breaking it, hero.

Tags: shooter, business, critique

ZZT Stories: The Reconstruction

Only 22 years late!

Tags: classic, preservation, programming

Sprung stuff

What it was like to work on a Nintendo DS launch title.

Tags: mobile, graphics, hardware, programming, making-of