Items for February 2020

Rings of Power - Naughty Dog's Last Pure Game

Retrospective of a most unusual RPG from exactly thirty years ago as of this writing, that failed, sadly enough, not due to its own failings but (where have we heard this before?) for being sabotaged by the publisher. Why people still seek one out in 2021 is beyond me. Also food for thought as to ways to make our games different, if only to shake people out of their routine. They'll remember it afterwards, and that's what matters.

Tags: obscure, rpg, retrospective

The story of the Atari Jaguar saviour that never came out

"But between 1993 and 1996, there were more failed major console releases than there were consoles released in the last decade."

Tags: hardware, history, obscure

Blizzard's Long History of Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls and Fear of Women

Tags: critique, representation

Introducing the Chloe 280SE, a new Z80 microcomputer

Tags: hardware, retrogaming

So You Want a Pantheon For Your Game

Tags: concepts, worldbuilding

A history of Simlish, the language that defined The Sims

Tags: cool, making-of, worldbuilding

Villes virtuelles, enjeux du réel

"Virtual cities, real stakes": from cities in games, to games that can help cities, and how actual urbanists can help.

Tags: game design, interview, philosophy, procedural generation, worldbuilding