Items for September 2019

An Oral History of 'Snake' on Nokia

Taneli Armanto is an unsung hero of mobile gaming. Meet the Finnish software engineer who developed ‘Snake’ for the late-’90s Nokia 6110 — launching a 00 billion industry

Tags: classic, history, mobile, retrogaming

Duke Nukem (1991)

Tags: classic, retrospective, shooter

Pennywise, Pound Senseless

Using horror movie characters as a case study in (tabletop) game design.

Tags: case study, game design, rpg, tabletop

Remembering the Johnny Mnemonic Interactive Movie

In 1995, a company called Propoganda Code took on what must have been a strange task of adapting William Gibson’s “Johnny Mnemonic” into a kind of interactive movie experience that would be played on Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.

Tags: fmv, obscure, retrospective