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Glittering Light is a casual turn-based rogue-lite with an abstract, dream-like theme. The goal is to get as far as possible, collecting glitter for score along the way, and avoiding the nightmares. A typical playthrough lasts 5 to 15 minutes, but the game doesn't have a last level — and the levels never repeat.

How to play

Use the cursor keys or else the WASD keys to move around, or hit the space bar to stand still for one turn. Being right next to a nightmare increases your fear, while moving to the next level decreases it. Glitter also helps with that; speed lets you outpace the nightmares, as for light, the effects should be obvious. Press M to toggle the map on and off; clicking in the viewport will identify a square's contents.


As of 30 July 2018, the game's third release brings many changes:


Cover art made with POV-Ray. Many thanks to Mark Burger and Justin Reid for the testing and feedback.

Energy Drain sound © 2012 Iwan "qubodup" Gabovitch <qubodup@gmail.com> available as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

Horror soundtrack by Kenten Fina; CC-BY 3.0.

"Dark Ambiences" sounds by Ogrebane; CC0.

Foot walking step sounds by Jute; General Public License version 2.0 or later.

Spell sounds (here, here and here) by Bart Kelsey; CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Coin sound by Jesús Lastra; CC-BY 3.0.

Font: Ubuntu Mono Bold, under the Ubuntu Font License (included in the archive).

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