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Electric Rogue is a minimal first-person rogue-lite with 2.5D graphics and an abstract cyberpunk theme, made with an early version of the EightWay Engine. As of , it's complete and playable. There are 10 levels, that can be completed in half an hour. The user interface is made for touchscreen devices, and scales to any screen size, though it's best viewed in 854x480 or so.

The game was first announced in Weekly Links #170; there is a brief mention of its revival in Weekly Links #196, and a more detailed description on the blog, followed by more details about the gameplay.

How to play

On each level, retrieve the three keycards and bump into the corresponding terminals to activate them. When you're done, return to the transfer pad to continue. Don't waste moves! Once you're out of cycles, your noise starts growing. You can only tolerate up to 100 times the level you're on.

On each level you're going to run into viruses that have infected the system. Bump into them to fight; they're extra vulnerable when their lights are off. Overall, avoid them if you can. A useful tactical move is pressing the [X] button (or the spacebar) to wait a turn.

Last but not least, every time you pick up a keycard, for the next 15 moves or so you can chase down and kill viruses with impunity. But don't go out of your way to do it unless you can spare the CPU cycles!


If you have a keyboard, the following work:

At the title screen, press left/right or up/down to toggle the credits. During the game, the circle button toggles a statistics pane.


Font: Effects Eighty, by Peter Hull, available under the Open Font License.

Music by TheWzzard, via Open Game Art.

Sound effects by Little Robot Sound Factory.