Dungeon Romp is an unfinished roguelike that served as the conceptual basis for Spectral Dungeons and ultimately Tomb of the Snake. Apart from that, its most important legacy is a series of game design articles (see below).


When trying out the game, beware that fighting monsters yields no benefit; progression is tied to reaching new levels.

All the keys you need are shown in-game.


The last update was on September 5:

I’m up to my ears in work again. All those shiny projects. On top of that, what little I did to Dungeon Romp is mostly refactoring work. In the way of user-visible improvements, now the game tells you when you’ve reached the end. You also get light sources and poisonous food (which is nevertheless useful). The really good news? I still have those extra 200 LOC, enough to fit another level generator, or else the much needed ranged combat and time management, for which I’ve just came up with an idea.

I also realized that until now there was no indication whatsoever that Dungeon Romp is open source. But like all my other games, you can have it under the terms of the MIT License. Enjoy!

It was followed by a more general game design article: The makings of an RPG rule system, on September 12.


As of 3 October 2020, I just completed a port to the Linux console, using Ncurses and Duktape:

Game screenshot showing the map of a village, made of colorful ASCII characters, surrounded by status messages.

DukTerm has its own homepage, or you can download it here (25K).