When the aliens first attacked, we bravely met them head-on. Soon our pilots were overwhelmed by sheer numbers. They got separated and taken down one by one. Still we kept sending the best we had. What else could we do?

Laser Sky Zero is a retro shoot'em up in 8-bit style, with endless gameplay: blast wave after wave of alien invaders in your lone spaceship, for as long as you can last. There will be powerups to help you along the way: more life, better guns, protective shields. Just watch your energy levels, and don't let yourself be cornered. Beware, some enemies can be hard to take down!

The game started out as a demake of the original Laser Sky, but ended up more of a proper prequel.


To play the game, just unpack and run. On Linux you'll need the SDL_net 1.2 library installed. Note: the game doesn't actually connect to the Internet.

System requirements

How to play

With the keyboard:

With a controller:

Either way, the following keys are handy:


Game made with sdlBasic. The runtime itself is free software under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

All assets are under a Creative Commons Zero license.

Special thanks to the sdlBasic community for feedback and encouragement.