The machines have rebelled!
We must take the battle to them before it spills into the physical.
But human beings can't make sense of the digital realm unaided.
So we have invented a way to level the playing field.
Welcome to the Cybersphere, Pilot One.

Attack Vector Zero: Cybersphere is a retro rail shooter with 2.5D vector graphics, inspired by classic 8-bit games. Climb into the cockpit of your virtual combat vehicle to dogfight enemies as agile as they are precise. Blow them to bits for as long as you can and make this first battle a memorable one!

As of August 2019, the game is playable, but very incomplete: only the core gameplay is in place. Development will continue as time allows.


To play the game, just unpack and run. On Linux you'll need the SDL_net 1.2 library installed. Note: the game doesn't actually connect to the Internet.

System requirements

How to play

With the keyboard:

With a controller:

Either way, the following keys are handy:

To Do

Credits and license

Attack Vector Zero: Cybersphere is free and open source software under the Artistic License 2.0; see the included text file for details.

Game made with sdlBasic. The runtime itself is free software under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Font: Xolonium Bold, by Severin Meyer, courtesy of the Open Font Library; SIL Open Font License.

All audio is public domain under a Creative Commons Zero license:

Special thanks to the sdlBasic community for feedback and encouragement.