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Welcome to RogueBot! What you have here is a retro arcade game of skill, planning and a little luck, that you can play on your coffee break. Explore the city, collect the three microchips and return to the starting point (it will appear on the minimap) to complete a level. There is an infinite number of levels, and they never repeat.

RogueBot is best played with a gamepad, and if one is connected it will override the cursor keys (only on Firefox). Press Space or button 1 to start/pause the game, and Escape to exit. That's about all.

System requirements: a reasonably modern PC and any browser with HTML5 support; gamepads are supported from Firefox 31 on — can't say about other browsers.

A bit of history: RogueBot was started in a hurry so I could enter it in the Procedural Generation Jam 2014, but since there wasn't enough time I submitted just the level generator and graphics engine. The original jam submission can still be downloaded for free over on itch.io, along with desktop builds.

RogueBot is open source under the MIT License.