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Welcome, writer! Tee-Wee is an editor (or authoring tool) for CYOA games, also known as choice-based or hypertext interactive fiction. These are text-based games made of passages with links between them, so that the story changes based on what players choose. As of 2020, many tools can make such games. Tee-Wee is different from them in a few ways:

Wait, what's Twine? It's the premier authoring tool for making games of this type, available at the website. It's also free to use, and may be better for some people. As you can move your stories back and forth between Twine and Tee-Wee, there's no risk in trying them both and choosing later.

Tee-Wee can also publish completed games as stand-alone web pages, also through story formats made for Twine 2. It can only load a few of them for technical reasons; the recommended story format for Tee-Wee is Chapbook. See the official Chapbook documentation for how to use its various features.

The very first story made with Tee-Wee is Let's build a Chapbook.

System requirements

Tee-Wee Editor requires a Python runtime, version 3.6 or newer. Python comes preinstalled on most Linux distributions; Windows and Mac users can get it from the website. You'll also need the Tkinter module, which is bundled with most Windows and Mac runtimes. On Linux you might need to add it yourself: look in your package manager for something called "tkinter", "python-tk" or the like.

Tee-Wee Editor comes as a Python archive that can be opened directly with the interpreter, or you can unpack it and run; it's just a zip file with a different extension.

Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768.


As of 28 March 2020, Tee-Wee Editor is in alpha. It can make and publish stories, but many features are still missing, and what's there may be rough or broken. Use at your own risk.

As of 31 March 2020, the beta version treats all files as UTF-8, and adds most of the missing features. Importing stories with tag color definitions should also work now.

As of 1 April 2020, the second beta adds a bogus size and position to passages that don't have one already, much like Tweego does (see below); importing new stories in Twine actually works now.

As of 3 April 2020, version 1.0 adds advanced passage navigation (with a new toolbar), and various user interface refinements.

NOTE: Running the editor in KDE with a dark theme can make parts of the UI unreadable, such as the file selection dialogs. This is outside of my control.

License and credits

Tee-Wee Editor is free and open source software under the Artistic License 2.0; a copy is included in the archive. It's made with knowledge gained from and the official Twine specifications, with some details reverse-engineered from Tweego exports.

Many thanks to JigmeDatse for the bug reports and other feedback, and to all my friends for the encouragement.

See the read-me file inside the archive for contact information, or on Itch.

Screenshot from a desktop text editor with a list down the left side, showing a passage from some sort of gamebook.