Javascript Interactive Fiction/Adventure engine

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What it is

Jaiffa (Javascript Interactive Fiction/Adventures) is a toy library for the creation of text adventures that can be embedded in a Web page. It was created as a programming exercise and idea testbed. Jaiffa is small, fast, and easy to use, study or modify.

As of 2010-05-18, the demo adventure Catch that cat has been through one round of beta-testing, so it should play somewhat smoothly.


Version 2014-06-27 fixes three-word commands, which the parser simplification had broken. (And nobody noticed for three years. Despite people looking at the project. Go figure.)

Version 2012-12-15 fixes, simplifies and extends the parser. Now it's possible to add arbitrarily phrased commands to the parser. Also, embedding is now done via iframe.

Version 2010-04-09 fixes a long-standing (and stupid) bug in ContainerMixin.removeChild(), and the handling of intransitive verbs that was broken in the previous release.

Version 2010-04-08 fixes handling of unknown verbs and enables three-word commands.


Jaiffa works in Firefox 3.5, Opera 10, Arora 0.10 (Webkit-based), and partially in Konqueror 4 and Nokia Browser.


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