Games versus other media

Artist: I made a watercolor of teenagers at a picnic. See how the transparency of the paints highlights the interplay of light and shadow on their faces?

Composer: I came up with a short symphonic piece on the same theme. Hear this bit? Note how the flutes can suggest either birds chirping or the happy chatter of carefree teens.

Playwright: I wrote a romantic comedy about teenagers at a picnic accidentally revealing the crushes the have on each other.

The other two: Nice! When can we see it?

Game developer: (smugly) Whatever, check this out: We just finished an in-house graphics engine that takes advantage of the new mega-texture multy-layering via dynamic shader chaining of the new HS7979xTreme+ GPU. You can look at a tree and see every single leaf dancing on the breeze.

Artist: (impressed) So you're making an interactive piece about the beauty of trees?

Game developer: No way, that would be boring, man! It's a game where you shoot bad guys in the face.

The other three: ...

Game developer: What? You should see the ragdoll physics!