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14 January 2021: more than a year after starting the big migration campaign, the wiki is down to 301 pages, and unlikely to dip under that limit, as there haven't been many changes at all since October. It will have to do; still means most of the site by far is now future-proof. And I know a new trick now, too.

15 January 2022: how ironic that soon after last year's update I launched into a major migration campaign, and now the number of pages on the wiki is well below 300, even after the recent additions. But the wiki is still here to stay.

14 October 2022: Victory! Two months ahead of schedule, the number of pages on the wiki is well below 200, with even more to go. That should give me plenty of room to add more link roundups, not to mention more permanent articles. As soon as I figure out what, anyway.

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  • 08:15 UTC (new) (history) 2023-11-24 Assorted . . . . Felix Created new link roundup with headlines about game history and preservation, game design and marketing advice, and news from the business side.