I can has sound effects!


This is undoubtedly no big deal for most game developers, but all my games have been mute so far. Not by choice, either. I know people who are equally good programmers, artists and musicians, but that’s hard. Those of us who are more specialized have few real options:

sfxr screen

This is why I’ve been thrilled to discover a little utility called sfxr, which enabled a complete newbie like me to generate a usable set of sound effects in one morning. They’re far from perfect: if you try [[Buzz_Grid?]] now, you’ll notice the actual sounds don’t match the written ones, and some of them sound pretty ridiculous to boot. Still, the game has gained a new dimension, and that’s where the real value of sfxr lies: in enabling me to go from nothing to something. The rest can be learned.

Just remember: if your game has sounds at all, it should also have a way to mute them. People aren’t always in a position to use headphones, and they shouldn’t have to mute their entire system just for your game. Thank you.