Comments on Square Shooter on the desktop


Nice work, man! 🙂

You seem to be working like a bee in the “game dev” area, while others are just chatin’ around about it 😀 (hint-hint: lazy me). I know that these are just small games, but the results are piling up, and I think this could be a very nice part of your resume.

-- Nightwrath 2017-10-19 07:06 UTC

i’m glad you’ve chosen python 🙂 nice game 🙂 btw you can pack stuff with python… and if i’m allowed to spam, pygame is really nice for prototypes, but for big games there are other solutions like panda3d, i’ve made this in a couple of days only. it allows for full 3d, packing and crossplatfrm, and runs as fast as other C engines, and allows cool stuff like shaders

-- Nande 2017-10-19 07:06 UTC

Well, I don’t have Panda3D, or accelerated drivers for that matter, and I’m not interested in making 3D games anyway. Packing the game in a standalone executable with Py2exe would be more interesting, but overkill for such a simple game. I’ll think more about this stuff once I have a more serious title.

-- Felix 2017-10-19 07:07 UTC