Comments on Seltani


I didn’t think of it until earlier this year! I don’t think it’s that obvious.

/shout as an Age-wide (rather, instance-wide) communication command is a good point. (Myst Online has it.) I also want a way to keep a friends list in the booklet and speak to that. And group management, etc. But /shout is easier to set up!

-- Andrew Plotkin 2017-09-25 13:00 UTC

I didn’t mean “obvious” as a criticism. In retrospect, a lot of things are… that’s the genius of an inventor, they think of it before anyone else.

And I’m glad to hear /shout is easy. I initially meant to suggest channels, but then started thinking of what else could achieve 80% of the same effect with 20% of the effort…

-- Felix 2017-09-25 13:01 UTC