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The videogame industry has historically been unique in that it is driven almost completely by technology innovations rather than innovations in design or aesthetics. The board game industry is on the opposite extreme. Settlers of Cataan heralded a new approach to board game design (the “Euro-game”) that has spread beyond Germany to very nearly dominate the field today, while the game itself of course still remains one of the most widely played board games in the world.

For 98% of videogamers, meanwhile, it would be unthinkable to play a game from 1995 — it would look hopelessly old and ugly. As the pace of graphical advances slows down, as it has been doing for almost a decade now, perhaps this will change, and we’ll see more of a catalog mentality, with games allowed to slow-burn their way to success instead of needing to sell a million copies on the first day. Maybe…

-- Jimmy Maher 2017-10-18 07:43 UTC

Amen to that, Jimmy. And when that happens, maybe there won’t be any doubt left whether videogames are worth taking seriously or not.

-- Felix 2017-10-18 07:43 UTC

Of course i will read it 🙂 thanks.

-- Nande 2017-10-18 07:44 UTC