Comments on On the physics of flying snowballs


Remember to add collision detection between snowballs! Sphere-sphere collision is one of the easiest things since you just look to see if the two spheres’ points are less than the sum of their radii apart, and the deflection force is similarly easy because it’s just the vector between the radii (or you can have them combine together into one bigger snowball using their combined momentum to determine the resulting combined-snowball vector, and of course the new radius is just (r1^3+r2^3)^(1/3)).

Also, if you want to play an existing first-person snowballer, there’s a snow fight mode in Wii Fit Plus, which is somewhat entertaining, although its controls are basically just taking cover and throwing.

-- fluffy 2017-10-21 07:05 UTC

Thank you, I can probably obtain access to a Wii and try it. As for collisions, I’ll think about it after I deal with the trees. We’ll see what shape the game takes along the way.

-- Felix 2017-10-21 07:05 UTC