Comments on Measuring hardware performance


I’m not sure what you mean by “embedded” 8800, but it sounds like there is absolutely no comparison between the two GPUs. The 950 is a mobile chipset that has NO vertex shader support – things that have been on normal GPUs for a decade or more aren’t supported and are offloaded to the CPU, where they’re running in the driver on the same core as your application. I’m not a driver engineer but I wouldn’t be surprised if the emulate-vertex-shaders-on-the-driver codepaths were not on anybody’s list of things to optimize.

The 950 draws only 7W of power. The 8800 was a high-end desktop GPU on release with 30x as many cores at the 950 and with peak power draw of 105W, 15x that of the intel part.

-- Tom H. 2017-09-30 06:48 UTC

It’s possible that I’m misquoting the chipset name. 8000-something? It’s an embedded nVidia GPU that apparently went into some AMD motherboards at one point. Certainly not a big bad gForce adapter. But yeah, it clearly displays the performance of a real GPU, while the 950… I wonder why they bothered with it at all.

-- Felix 2017-09-30 06:48 UTC