Comments on Go programming language


I enjoyed working with Go when I was trying it out for a project, but at the time it had a few performance characteristics that didn’t quite work out for what I was trying it for. It also lacked any reasonable way of doing multi-indexed data structures, and calling into a an external C library to provide that functionality had a huge performance gotcha in how they handled multithreaded access to the linked stack concept.

This was all back in the 1.x days (1.1, I think) and the project itself has no relevance to me anymore. I might go back and revisit Go at some point, although I don’t really work in any of the problem domains it seems suited for at the moment.

-- fluffy 2017-09-26 14:13 UTC

Well, the language is at version 1.7.4 now (1.8 coming next month), so I imagine things have improved since you last tried it. But yeah, I ran into a similar problem where my choice of architecture turned out to be a poor fit for the language, resulting in overly verbose code (performance is still decent, though, if hardly anything to write home about). But that just means it’s not suitable for just any project — which is true of any programming language ever, and I already have an idea of how to make better use of it next time.

-- Felix 2017-09-26 14:13 UTC