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Hi Felix,

Neat post, + cool to see both the CRPG directory and IndieRetroNews each get a mention here. The directory has been an ongoing project that I have been adding to thoughout some years with the help of some other RPG fans. It’s always been referred to as the CRPG Directory but has since expanded into other territories, roguelikes, strategy games, and other assorted variations and peculiarities. If you go to the wayback machine, i.e. archive dot org, you can see the site’s progression. WeekendWasteMonster dot net is the successor site of Icestorm9999 dot com. The Icestorm site originally began as a fansite for Bard’s Tale and Pool of Radiance style games and is very basic in terms of html but was just a fun project I worked on in my spare time and basically still is. I’ve been posting on IndieRetroNews on occasion for almost a year now. Neil and everyone at IndieRetroNews have been super cool and I enjoy posting articles there.


-- OrcChief 2017-09-25 12:34 UTC