Comments on 2015-08-11 No Time To Play is five


Happy ‘birthday’ and many more years to come! (I hope)

I always read the articles here, although I am not such an active on commenting, but I guess we all have phases in our lives…

I still follow the news here and try to provide news for this place (whenever I can). However, Felix is the master of this place so he decides what goes on here and to be honest this place looks much more different than Gamasutra or other places I also visit from time to time. I think that is a good thing and in the end… all that matters is that you Felix like to work for this site and put a lot of passion into it.

-- Nightwrath 2017-09-21 15:36 UTC

My friends are too modest. ;;

-- Felix 2017-09-21 15:37 UTC