2023-01-14 Assorted

Hey, everyone. It's a new year, and I'm back after all. Amazing what difference one friend can make. Not much more happened in late December, apart from a nice write-up about the (now completed) DOS Game Jam. Other links went directly to various parts of the main website, because reasons; I should get better at pointing them out, but it's kinda hard with a large set of static pages.

Then came January, when yet another corporation has been trying to kill its golden goose. Because why should we have nice things in late-stage capitalism?

You've guessed it, this is about the D&D licensing debacle. A story in links:

Followed by two announcements in quick succession:

At which point I grew tired and stopped tracking the headlines. Look: this has long ceased being about money. Corporations by now have more money than they'd ever know what to do with. This has been all about control for decades now.

Let's get that into our heads already, for our own sake and the world's.