2022-12-14 Assorted

Hey, folks. The year's last link roundup is late today, not that anyone is going to notice. It's also thin on the ground, so let me stuff it with a few extra links. For one thing, I have a fan! And a friend recommended a (new to me) tutorial for isometric tile art. In other news, we have:

Last but not least, Nathalie Lawhead is busy again writing about The open-source no-code world of GDevelop. As she adds, "if you miss browser Flash games, this is keeping that dream alive!" I don't have the patience for these huge, complex tools with endless interactive tutorials anymore, but it's amazing that they exist. It's not easy, enabling everyone to make games.

That said: my last... many link roundups have gone completely unnoticed everywhere I posted about them, so there might not be another one come 2023. The site, of course, remain up and I'll keep thinking of ways to improve it. If anyone is out there at all, thanks for reading, and happy holidays, whatever you celebrate in December. Be well.