2022-10-14 Assorted

It's been a slow news autumn, and that suits me just fine.

Let me start with a headline left over from last month: a roundup (in French) about new interactive fiction authoring tools. And while we're looking backwards, another from three years ago of The Best Command-Line-Only Video Games. There's even one I didn't know about!

Coming back to the present, there's a good opinion piece about Doom & Game Preservation. I wrote about this issue before, or rather about portability, and came to the opposite conclusion. Still a good counterpoint. Some notes over on Tumblr.

Last but not least, a delightful write-up titled How I play D&D with my kids, which as usual is always worth a read for people making computer games. And still in the tabletop department, someone put together a site to track Physical Game Jams on itch.io, which strikes me as a worthwhile endeavor.

But this is it for now. See you next month or so.