2021-08-18 Programming and community

Over on Mastodon, a friend essentially asks why someone would use GitHub when they make software to self-host. I gave a short answer there already, but let me make it very clear: GitHub's real value isn't as a software forge.

People go to GitHub to make themselves known. It's the Facebook of software development. That's it. Everything else can be done better elsewhere, but people don't bother because what's the point if no-one hears about it?

And just like with FB, we need to figure out some sort of alternative already. But it's not going to happen any time soon, because just like with FB, nerds are focusing on the technical solutions. Self-hosting! Federation! Go! Rust!

Fossil has been around for literally decades at this point. It powers a lot of websites. I run across it in the wild all the time. And nobody's heard of it.

What we need is communities of practice with shared values. Apps are easy.