2012-12-03 Random awesomeness

Just a couple of things I’ve run across today. First, via IndieGames and True PC Gaming, a little Star Wars-themed roguelike written in HTML5 that’s exquisitely tactical. You play (of course) a Force user, which gives you a variety of cool powers to combine smartly — and you will have to play smart. Caution actually helps, and luck can be in your favor for a change. The game is complete as it stands, but of narrow scope, and I hope to see more of it at some point. Bonus points for the tutorial and nice UI.

Second, the always enthusiastic Sophie Houlden humorously turns an old question on its head by asking, Can Art Be Games? And she’s damn good at highlighting the absurdity of this fake dilemma. We’ve touched on it ourselves, so I’ll say no more.

All this almost makes me wish to start making games again…