101 posts!


On the last day of May, No Time To Play published its 100th post. That’s in advance of our August 11 second anniversary, which means we’ve averaged a little more than one post a week for two years now! There are also original games for your enjoyment, and knowledge bases people actually seek out, yet somehow the blog — which was supposed to be temporary — is still our most popular feature. It is also the one that attracted more than half of our team.

Indeed, while I could not have started No Time To Play without Nightwrath‘s help, many of our most popular articles have been written by friends who joined us later. Busy friends, who work much harder than I do, have nevertheless dedicated some of their spare time to making our little corner of the Web that much better. Thank you all!

Without further ado, I give you the floor. Guys, a few words if you please?

Nightwrath’s few words:

As you all know, my help here has been invaluable, and that it has been proved time and again by my 3 and 1/2 articles which are posted on this site 😊 .

But, in all seriousness this site is still up and running thanks to Felix’s efforts, and I have to say I admire his dedication in finding and discussing topics which are not always debatable by the “mainstream” media.

And yet he found a way to make them interesting to people unfamiliar to these kind of subjects.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

alexboly‘s few words:

At the time of this writing, I have exactly one article published on this blog and many more broken promises to Felix. I’m sure I could have done better.

But two years! Wow, I didn’t even realized this time has passed. Felix is truly at the heart of this effort, relentlessly writing or pushing the rest of us to write. At least, this is what happened to me.

With this being said, I am more of a reader than a writer for the website. And as a reader, I can tell you that it’s in my top feeds and every single article was interesting for me.

I hope Felix will find the energy to keep it going at the same quality as in these past two years. And, while I can’t promise anything, I hope I will be able to help more.

As for you, the readers of this blog, I hope you will find here the inspiration and resources to create some wonderful games that the world will love. Or at least discuss about the games you would like to build.

Congratulations, and let’s hope this community will grow stronger and stronger. To many more years, articles and games!

Kelketek‘s message:

Love what you do and do it well. Even if you have to scrounge for the time, fight for it. We have No Time to Play because time is the game itself. These posts were labors of love for their authors, every one a romance to a field purposed on fun.

Cheetah (six days later)

Better late than never, right?

This has been a really fun site to contribute to, and also a great site to read. Heaven knows I’ve used it as a platform for frustrations and triumphs 🙂 And one of these days I’ll finish my series on Python integration stuff. Ah, life, why do you always get in the way?

Here’s to another 100,000 or so more posts 🙂