Weekly Links #329



Hello, everyone! As of this writing, the notimetoplay.org domain name is secure until next summer, and hosting is funded until the end of the year. I'm also done beta-reading a friend's book, so I can focus on making cover art for my own.

Otherwise, not much in the way of news about games, because I've been more into web design these days. Hoping to get back into the groove after the anniversary, though more slowly than before. After 10 years of doing this, it's simply time to lean back and take it easy for a while. Besides, with dozens of games and hundreds of articles published, making sure people can find them and read them, and not just now but in the future too, becomes a pressing issue. And as you've probably noticed, attempts to expand onto social media or the like have had mixed results at best.

Aother recent obsession has been reviving two machines that count as retro by now: my old ASUS EeePC 701, and my crappy old Android tablet. And funny how the latter, for all its warts, is still proving more pleasant to use than the former. It can even run a modern Tcl/Tk environment in the form of AndroWish, not to mention the programmer's editor and keyboard. Despite an obsolete operating system. You can probably guess where this is going.

But I did find a few cool things online this week. Like this Neocities site about historical games, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Or Vintage is the New Old covering the release of PunyInform 1.0, a new way to make text adventures for 8-bit computers (and not only), using tried-and-true technology. Last but not least, The Digital Antiquarian tells the story of Beneath a Steel Sky. And it's worth reading.

On the minus side, that makes for a really short newsletter, and I've got nothing else in the way of padding. Oh well, enjoy the Sunday and see you!


Tags: meta, personal, tabletop, retrogaming, interactive fiction, adventure